Llançà is a small Mediterranean village covers an area of ​​28,625 square kilometers and almost 5,000 residents.

Located in the middle of unique scenery, Llançà is surrounded by sea and mountains, by two protected natural areas, such as the Natural Park of Cap de Creus and the Albera.

The excellent offer the little beaches and peaceful coves in Llançà of crystal waters that you can only find in the area of the Costa Brava, and the richness of significant elements of cultural heritage features, since the megalithic (with dolmens and prehistoric remains) a significant residues the Romanesque architecture, Llançà make an ideal family vacation full of activities, sea and mountain destination.

In Llançà you can choose to adventure sport activities such as:

- Diving

- Snorkel

- Sailing

- kayak

- Hiking

- BTT Routes

- Surf

- Windsurfing

And many others!



We also have a big range of restaurants where you can enjoy our unique cuisine and our excellent wines.

You can also find some apartments in Port de la Selva and Colera located a few kilometers from Llançà.




Port de la Selva, located a 6 km,  is famous for its exclusivity and where you can enjoy unique and unusual landscapes and as well as wide range of activities and beaches to visit.


Colera village stand out for his beautiful beaches and coves, that you can find out walking into the sea front path, and his mountains routes where you can discover their fantastic secrets as the little mountain village Molinars.

We also invite you to visit areas near Llançà, Port de la Selva and Colera, where a few kilometers can visit the Natural Park of Cap de Creus, the Dali Museum in Figueres, Peralada`s Caste...among others;

For more information on everything you can do recommend visiting the web:


Here you can find all activities that can be performed both inside and outside Llançà:






Llançà offers the perfect combination of holiday whether you want to enjoy with family, with friends or with your partner, whether you are looking for tranquility or do activities!